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All about lighting in 3D – Types of Lights – Chapter01/07

Lighting in 3D is considered to be a very important aspect in making your object or scene look great or even photorealistic.

This article is a 7 chapter article starting with ‘Types of Lights’ in the first chapter.

Let’s get started…

There are 3 types of lights basically in almost all 3D softwares. They are Omni (Point), Spot and Directional (Direct).


1. Omni (Point): The name explains it all. Omni means everywhere. This type of light emits light in every possible direction from its source point. You may or may not be able to control its direction depending on the 3D software you use.

2. Spot: As said, you can have the light hit a spot with a radius. A torch light can be seen as an example for spot light. From its source the light spreads up according to the radius of the area it hits.

3. Directional (Direct): This is a type of light which is available only in the virtual world. In reality, it is almost impossible to create a light source like this one. Once put in use, this light creates a imaginary plane for itself and it emits rays perpendicular to that plane from any point. Since all the rays are parallel, they all shoot in one direction. This type of light is majorly used for sunlight simulation in 3D Softwares.

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